Jan. 21st, 2011

flyboy_fox: (Get down? XD)

Oh God [livejournal.com profile] aubergine_pilot, what have you done to me? D: I've been listening to that Sub Focus remix of Self Machine non-stop since I saw it in your post and I'm just totally in love! Mmm~

I've never really been into dubstep as a genre before, but these past few months I've found myself REALLY liking it, and Miles also seems to approve, and ohgod I just get such strong images of that post-apocalyptic urban grunge warehouse nightclub just pounding this kinda stuff out and the drop just plunges right through your soul and the pulse drowns you and... and... doooo want. I could lose my virginity to this kind of music, if I was a virgin.

So! Anyone have recommendations of more dubstep beats for me to download? I have a $15 iTunes card so I can get 'em from there, or from anywhere else really. I will love you!!

Also, if anyone knows/can remember the name/artist of the dubstep track that uses that obscure anime about the prisoners who have to work as detectives as the official music video, I'll be forever grateful because I really wanted to gank that track too~ ♥ EDIT: The anime is "Cyber City Oedo 808", but what was the track!!

EDIT 2: FOUND IT! Nero - Innocence. Phew.

(Forgive the hyper - it's almost 6am and I'm drinking Earl Grey with lemon and listening to rawking music and not feeling in the least bit tired and eeeee~!)


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