Dec. 15th, 2011

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Sooo... LiveJournal is planning to revamp the comments page - including removing comment titles.

Yeah. I try not to bitch about the changes that LJ makes because in the end it's usually not a big deal and easy enough to adjust to. However, I can't help thinking that it's a bad move, this time. Nearly 500 comments already on the News post, and not a single agreement or approval.

I know that RP communities, kink memes, and long discussion threads in general (particularly those with 'trigger'/NSFW content) will suffer.

Eh, I'm annoyed. I don't even use comment titles that much myself, but I do see how they're useful and I don't like how LJ never seems to run any of their bright ideas by their userbase before implementing them (in this instance, we were just told that a new comments page is coming, and it took other users digging around on the Russian site to find out what that entailed).

I'm not going to huff off and leave over it or anything, but it annoys me, especially since I've been a paid user for a decade or so.

I did have some other stuff to update on but bleh. Later maybe.


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