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I'd say Sonic but (super-fast running and blue spikiness aside) it would be just the same as spending a day with Jei, so :|

I'd really like to hang with Knuckles for a day but I know I would drive him insane. Why? I think he's a really interesting and cool guy. I'd love to see the Floating Island, too, because I'm certain that it'd be beautiful. I'd try not to talk his ear off. I'd be happy enough just sitting there while he watched over his emerald, but I would love to ask him questions about the echidnas before him, if he was willing to talk about it.

I'd really love to hang with Sally or Bunnie or any of the rest of the Knothole gang too. I'd love to see Knothole, if (like the Floating Island) security wasn't an issue.

Sawnik people aside... hmm. It'd be fun to tag around with Doyler from At Swim, Two Boys. I think he'd make me laugh a lot but I could learn a lot from him too. He's a real character and after a day with him, seeing the life he leads, I'd probably want to re-evaluate my own priorities in life. He'd probably turn me into a card-carrying red-hand-badge-wearing "So-see-ul-ist" too XD

Batman. OMG. I want a tour of the Batcave. Mind you, unless it was 60's TV Batman, I'd be terrified of him >_>;; So it might not be so much fun. If it was 60's TV Batman I'd just be grinning like an idiot the whole time and trying not to laugh. I love you, Adam West Batman.

I want to go to Mobius. Like. Right Now. And then I'd realize it was in the middle of a VERY SCARY WAR and I'd wanna come home ;_; But like... yeah.
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Neither. I absolutely don't believe in any sentient 'higher power' like a god, but I also believe that choice is, strictly scientifically speaking, a bit of an illusion. Consciousness and sentience are probably the universe's greatest slights of hand because in the end, all they are is the result of neurons firing in our brains. What we see ourselves do, what we think we've chosen, decided... really it was decided for us by our unconscious minds milliseconds before we consciously 'make' the decision. In that sense, we're really entirely autonomous.

But we can't live that way. We have to believe that we have control, choice, that we're not just slaves to the science of our neurological make-up. So it's an illusion that I happily accept and don't think too much about - que sera sera.
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Wow, morbid much, LJ?

I would want Jei and my mum by my side of course... but at the same time, I wouldn't want to put them through the trauma of watching someone die. Maybe I could spend my last evening with them and then simply go to bed alone while they made arrangements for the morning after.


I dunno if we'd really feel like eating if one of us (or all of us! Could be Armageddon!) was gonna die. We'd probably drink a little to lose ourselves and forget the worst.

Damn, now I'm depressed. Dammit, LJ!

In other news, today is the very first day that I've needed to have the heating on or make up a hot water bottle to stay warm. Winter is setting in for sure. It's almost Guy Fawkes, and the weather isn't exactly looking great... which is bad news for fireworks enthusiasts but good news for me :D; No likey the loudz bangz kthx.

Also, re: the woman who dialled 911 to report herself for drunk-driving WHILE she was still driving, she's a fucking retard. I don't buy into the whole "at least she realized her mistake and tried to fix it!" shpeal. She was already driving under the influence, and now she's ON HER CELL PHONE TOO? Fuck me. The operator asks her to pull over and she does so immediately, so why didn't she frigging do that in the first place? Oh yeah, her bitch ass was drunk. I hope the judges throw the fucking book at her and revoke her licence indefinitely.

Sorry if that came across as a little harsh, but I've had two half-siblings die from unrelated car accidents caused by drivers who were intoxicated/doped up. Fffff.

Angry and morbid post is angry and morbid :D
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Blackcurrant juice with a big spoonful of honey and the juice of half a lemon squeezed into it. Also soup. And long hot baths/showers with lots of steam. And a toasty hot water bottle. (That last part isn't edible).
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That wasn't chicken.



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