Jun. 17th, 2011

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I feel a lot better for having gone out today. Yesterday was just eeeehhhh... but I'm in a better mood today after some fresh air. Of course, the cynical part of my brain is afraid that any good mood I have is just the precursory aura to another migraine >_> I'm so damned paranoid. But I don't usually get one so soon after another, so I'm just gonna trust that this is actual cheerfulness XD;;

Anyway, I finally got around to picking up the Games Master Sonic 20th Anniversary special edition magazine from WH Smith's. It's been out for a little while, but I hadn't been near a shop to buy it. If you're in the UK and are a Sonic fan, you really should pick it up. It's, as others have said, very lovingly compiled and covers all bases. It comes with a double-sided poster, four pin badges, and a set of classic stickers, as well as tons of info and images and little trivia factoids. Do you know what else it has in it? My name. Yeah. At the beginning of the Merchandise article, check the credits for the photos. Adam Tuff and Alex Perea. Obviously I am not Adam Tuff. But I am Alex Perea. So, yeah. Buy it just for that :P

Jei's supposed to be coming home today if she gets back to Bournemouth from London in time to catch the 8:22pm train to W-s-M. I hope she'll make it because the monthly Bleadon market is on tomorrow at the Coronation Hall and I want to buy a jar of chutney or pickle. But I want to drag her along too XD Because village markets are much more fun with someone else to subject to them. If not, she'll get the 8:22am tomorrow instead (: So it's all good.

Apparently she bought a little late birthday gift for Miles, which I'm curious about but managed to avoid spoiling for him XD;; Miles told Scrog that if he wants to make up for missing his birthday, he'd better show up with a bottle of absinthe and some 'fine cigars' XD; WTF no Miles. Just... no. (Scrog is more likely to show up with ale, raw steak and a baseball bat or a chainsaw to be honest anyway >_> I know I wouldn't let him throw ME a party ^^;)

Oh jeez, Fox is so cute when he sleeps and I can tickle his tummy... but WRRRRYYYY do kitty farts smell so bad? Brb, asphyxiating ;_;


Jun. 17th, 2011 11:12 pm
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I just realised something so fucked up that I actually laughed out loud when it occurred to me.

Friday 24th of June, next Friday, is the day I'm supposed to be travelling to London for Summer of Sonic.

I just realized that it's also the date of my mum's hospital appointment to see if the lumps in her breast are cancer.

I wanted to go to the hospital with her. I told her I would, before I realised (just now) that it clashed with London.

I know that when I tell her it's SoS weekend, she'll tell me to go to SoS, she'll INSIST, especially since my hotel is all booked and everything and I'm staffing. But how can I do that? And even if I do, how can I enjoy myself when I'm worrying myself sick about her?

I know there's an 80-90% chance that it's perfectly harmless. But I also know that my mum is scared, especially since some of the sampling procedures might be uncomfortable/painful. I know she'll be fine, but...

I don't know what the fuck to do.

It seems almost obvious to say "fuck SoS, I'm staying with my mum, she needs me", but I dunno if that'd be more stressful for her in the end... she'll get all upset about wasted money, and I know she'll blame herself for me not going and she'll feel guilty, no matter what I say. I don't know what to do, no sir I do not.


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