Jun. 25th, 2011

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I'm trying my hardest to keep it together, but any time I stop for even just a moment, it all floods over me, drowning me in what-ifs and sickening dread. If it's like this for me, I can't imagine how it is for my mum. She has to wait until Monday July 4th before she'll know how invasive her cancer is and what the treatment options for her are.

My mum is an incredibly strong person, one of the strongest I know. But I know that she's petrified. She's a very rational person, but she's getting a little superstitious, talking about how she had that car crash a couple months ago and now this. She's also pretty convinced that the prognosis is grim because the doctor apparently didn't seem too hopeful... he said the lumps were pretty deep in the tissue and that the presence of the third one on her other breast means it's likely to have spread further... Also he got in the palliative nurse from the hospice to talk to her. Classy. But anyway, there's no sense in panicking at this stage. We won't know the full story until July 4th. My mum did ask me to go with her to that appointment, however, despite her insistence of going alone to the last one, which is quite telling of her state of mind. All the hugs and cups of tea in the world aren't enough for my mum right now ;_;

Heh, I just got a call from my brother. He found out about the cancer last night and now he's driving down from London today with his girlfriend Alix to spend a few days here on a surprise visit. Bless his li'l cotton socks.

Anyway, one final little bit of happy news: Jei finally got her degree results in and she got a First! She now has a Bachelor of the Arts Model Making Degree with First Class Honours. I am so proud of her. We were both expecting a high 2:1 but she got an 82% on her final extended major project (the ball-jointed dolls based on the two main characters from our 'Calamity!' steampunk webcomic) which pushed her final grade average up to a 1:1. Both her mum AND my mum screamed when they heard the news XD It was nice to have some great news after these harrowing few days.

Stay well, everyone.


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