Jun. 8th, 2011

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So, preview pages for SU #29 are out. Oh how the mighty have fallen... It seems Scourge is having a little trouble in the No Zone.

The first page just kinda recaps everything that happened with Scourge so far - how he used to just be 'evil Sonic', then he became Scourge as a result of the M.E., and how he took over his world and used the Anarchy Beryl to become near god-like. And now he's locked up in the No Zone.

Cut for minor spoilers, just in case... )

Miles, on the other hand, has never seen anything so hilarious in his life. I'm afraid he's going to have an aneurysm from how hard he's laughing in my head. And he doesn't laugh very often at all (maybe a sardonic "hah!" if you're lucky). But he's beside himself with mirth. So, um, I'm glad he's amused... I'll just continue to quietly feel bad for Scourge n.n;

Still, I know Scourge will end up getting the upper hand and the humiliation won't last. If the future covers are any indication, his spines will grown back pretty fast, too >_> Also, I'm hoping it's just a scan resolution thing, but he seems to be a very odd almost turquoise colour, a blue-green rather than green.

Anyway, Scourge preview pages! Yeah!

Edit: Oh, dear lord... judging from what people who've already read the whole issue are saying, the preview pages are just the tip of the iceberg of what happens to him in the rest of #29... Damn, I want to read the full comic now ;_;


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