Apr. 19th, 2011


Apr. 19th, 2011 12:19 am
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Update on the car accident situation:

Thanks for the concern, guys. My mum really is all right; she arrived home a little after I posted. She came home in the tow-truck which was dragging her car and she's all right except for being in shock and really tearful and anxious and cold. The car, though... shit.

I was wrong about any other cars being involved. What happened, apparently, was her front right tire (i.e. the one closest to the driver's seat) suddenly blew out while she was doing 80mph on the M4 and she lost all control of the vehicle. She was swerving across all the lanes and she was terrified of hitting another car, so she banked towards the divider in the middle of the road instead. She hit a bollard and the car ricochetted and literally span fully around twice before finally stopping, facing the wrong way, in the middle of the motorway with the car behind screeching to a stop fractionally in front of her. Miraculously, no other cars were damaged and no one else was hurt.

In a pure case of Good Samaritans, the driver of the car that stopped right behind, and another driver, got out to help her, diverted traffic away from the accident, called the police, ambulance and RAC, and stayed with her for almost an hour until help arrived. One of them even gave her his contact details to act as a witness that she wasn't driving dangerously and that her tire just randomly blew out.

It's amazing that no one got hurt and that my mum is all right after hitting a barrier and spinning out with a blown tire at 80mph. The car is... yeah. The front-right tire is imploded and half the bonnet is peeled back and crushed. It's a write-off. But my mum is okay. That's all that matters.


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