Feb. 17th, 2011

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TMI WARNING XD Shaddup this is what blogs are for ;_;

Well, I just got done being laid up with some horrid stomach bug or food poisoning or summit :P Seems the migraine wasn't enough to keep me on my toes... what I thought was just that slight colicky-ness that always comes after a migraine blossomed into a full-on... thing... with the cramps and the sickness and all the other glorious and colourful(!) stuff. Wound up dragging my duvet and pillow into the bathroom eventually because it was clear that I wasn't going to be leaving that room for the night. Spent a wonderful night alternately huddled on the floor by the tub and hunched over the loo. Yay. Grand. Managed to catch about 45 minutes' sleep on the floor before it started up all over again. The next day I was okay to crawl back into bed although I was so dehydrated that I couldn't sleep because I was too dizzy. Had to keep sipping water (any more than a sip brought on the cramps) and catching odd little snippets of vivid dream sleep until at around 11am today I managed to nod off 'til about 2:30pm when Jei got home from Uni. Since then I've been getting better. Jei went to get me some Lucazade to help replace fluids and salts and stuff, and by early evening I could drink a Diet Coke with only minor cramping. It's evening now and I'm finally and suddenly ravenously hungry, but I'm gonna give my system a break 'til tomorrow just in case.

I have no idea where it came from. It makes no sense. Jei hasn't been ill, and I haven't been anywhere to catch anything from. The only thing we can guess at is that it was some weird-tasting soup we had a couple hours before I got sick which she didn't like and I ate most of. But it was in a can, brand new, and she did have some... so I dunno. Weird.

Of course, now that I'm feeling better, my cynical paranoid brain is expecting me to get another migraine tomorrow or something like that :P I'm gonna cop an early night and get to bed now but hopefully now my body's got its spaz attack out of its system and is done >_> NO MORE, K?

(Thank god for puzzle books by the way. A wonderful pastime for the bedridden invalid! ♥ ... I want toast and Marmite.)


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