Jan. 30th, 2011

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Crappy iPhone photo-quality D:

Alicia ball-jointed (human) doll:

Ball-busting badass chica~ )

She has a whip now, too! XD

Her hair is a little shorter than in the comics, since it won't style that way with actual doll 'hair', and the Sculpy is hard so if her hair was longer it would limit her neck movement significantly and probably snap off after a while :\ The picture is blurry but I think Jei captured her mood very nicely. She really does look like a hardened version of our Sally doll. I also really love the outfit she picked out for her~

Nifty pocketwatch that Jei picked up for me as a late Xmas gift while I was still in Bleadon:

Tick-tock, tick-tock... )

Again, the pictures don't do it justice, but it's really awesome ♥ I always forget to wear my wristwatch, so having this in my coat pocket really helps when I'm out and about. Jei thought it looked kind of artistic and fitting sitting on the leather journal like that, but to be honest it's only on Miles' journal because he stole it (the pocketwatch) for himself >_> (He also seems to have coveted and commandeered the Alicia doll, hmm...).

Anyway, that's 'stuff' for today!

In unrelated but happy news, I told my mum today about my plans with Jei for getting married this summer (: To be honest, I half-expected to get an 'are you suuuure?' or 'isn't it a bit soon?' kind of response from her, but in fact she was totally on board and happy for us and willing to help in any way possible, so yay! Jei and I are going to go to the Citizens Advice Bureau tomorrow to find out exactly how we need to set things in motion for our Civil Partnership (it's technically not a marriage but grants the exact same rights), such as what papers Jei will need, given her foreign national status. Hopefully it won't be too complicated ^^ Just wanna get it going ASAP!

I really need to get started on my part of getting our Steampunk webcomic off the ground >_>;; I don't know why I keep procrastinating. I think it's a confidence thing. All my writing is fandom-based or heavily fandom-related, and I guess I'm afraid that writing original characters in original settings will be something I can't do. It needs to be right. It has to be authentic to the time period and the locations we use. It's got to be believable even when it's fantastical. We have all the basic ideas there. We know what the characters look like and how they behave. We have locations and buildings and vehicles and other people. All the ingredients are there and looking so promising and so fun... but now I have to write them into a GOOD story worth reading and worth Jei's talented illustration. I'm afraid of getting stuck at the first hurdle, and that's scary given how much is invested in this (Jei's entire final major project is based on this webcomic - making our two main characters as BJDs with bodies made completely from scratch (rather than a premade base-body like, for example, Alicia up there)). I want our comic to be up and running by then. Fffff believe in myself and shite. Ayiiieee....

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