Apr. 18th, 2011

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Apr. 18th, 2011 12:20 pm
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So... I'm back in Bleadon now. Originally I was only going to stay here for Easter and then go back to Bournemouth with Jei until the end of May (we've handed in our month's notice to leave at that time),but I've decided to stay here after she goes back for the last couple of months of her course. She'll be staying with a Uni friend after May until she graduates. I'm spending this time with my mum because in August I'm moving out to America with intention of settling there. Until I get citizenship, I can only stay there for six months at a time... but that's all right, and her family is going to try to help me find work. It's all pretty exciting, especially with the cruise to start off the summer.

I'm also pretty hyped about SoS '11. It's sad that it might be the last UK SoS I attend and staff at, but then it's fitting that it's the 20th Anniversary tie-in celebration and it's going to be HUGE. I know a lot about what's happening, but of course I can't tell anyone if it's not been officially announced yet, but believe me it's gonna be BIG. Whoo~!

Touching back on the Archie Sonic comics again... eh. Cover art for the second issue is out now and I'm really not hugely impressed. As far as "unlikely allies" go, Fiona and the Destructix are really... not. I mean, yeah, Scourge hasn't exactly earned the Destructix' trust, but with Fi at the helm, it's about as predictable as it can get. I'm also a little disappointed that the Destructix are the 'supporting characters' that are getting their pasts investigated and revealed, rather than anyone else from Moebius (Suppression Squad, Buns, Kintobor, Anti-Knux, Rosy etc), buuuut ah well. Maybe they'll eventually come back to that whole mess, but as someone succinctly put it on SSMB, that's just not the story that Ian wanted to tell this time around. That's cool, I can dig it... I no longer harbour the (projected) hatred and disgust of Fiona that I used to. But I'm less interested in the arc now than I was, because Fiona and the Destructix are just really of no interest at all to me. Oh well, hopefully there'll still be enough awesome Scourge-y goodness to make up for it.

Gonna head out into town with Jei now. We're picking up a few things we need for her final project, and stopping for lunch at the China Buffet. YUM. Hasta luego!
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I spoke to my mum a short while ago. She was calling me from the back of an ambulance. She was on her way home from Farnham (London, about 3 hours away) and she got into a major road accident on the M5. Apparently the car was totalled and had to be pretty much scraped off the motorway... Somehow, miraculously, my mum says she's 'fine' and just really shaken up... she was crying, and said that two really nice gentlemen helped her while she was waiting for the police and road services to arrive. We didn't get to talk for long, but she's not home yet and I'm not sure how she's going to get home. I'm SO relieved that she seems to not be badly hurt, but I'm very worried about her all the same. It sounds like it was a bad accident and that at least one other car was involved. Ugh.


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