Mar. 3rd, 2011

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Mar. 3rd, 2011 02:55 pm
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Oh hi, LJ! (:

It's been a little while since I've posted ^^; I don't think much benefit can come of recapping/reliving the nightmare of the past few weeks, so I'll just sum it up very briefly: severe anxiety relapse. For a while things were so bad that I was seriously considering trying to get admitted to a hospital because I didn't think I would ever sleep again nor ever be able to move from the huddled corner of the couch without passing out. I've never had anxiety or panic attacks that bad before in my life, ugh... buuut I'm getting better now. I can eat again, sleep, and actually do stuff XD I've even been into town and back without catastrophe. Yay. March is upon us now, a significant psychological boost, and so things will only get better from here. Valerian root, camomile tea, lemon balm and profion inositol supplements may also have helped, and my mum brought me my lightbox during the worst of it, which I'm using each morning, so yeah. It's all good. I've been determined not to go back on medication because I KNOW that I don't need it... so I'm pretty proud of myself for pulling through using only natural remedies and willpower (and of course the love of an incredibly understanding partner!). Anyway, I did say brief... which apparently I'm not good at x.x Sorry. I'm done.

Anyways, I managed to lose another 7lb during the past couple weeks (mostly due to not being able to eat, not through willpower, pff) but I checked the scale yesterday and it's creeping back up >_>; I guess I got too excited about being hungry and able to eat again that I overdid it. Bad Jai. Bad. Gonna work extra hard to get rid of it again. I'm starting to really see the difference... and my new glasses keep falling off my face because my face is thinner, haha.

Speaking of fitness, we finally got Wii Fit! Jei took a bunch of our old games up to CEX on the highstreet and got about £60 for 'em, which was about enough for a second-hand balance board and game. Her friend has lent us her Wii and other games for the rest of the term (until June/July basically), so we don't need to buy our own Wii just yet - which is good because we can't afford one. Man, I suck at Wii Fit. Getting better though. It's fun! We've also been playing a lot of Animal Crossing: Let's Go To The City!, and a bit of Okami (not impressed yet... we'll see). Other games we have right now are: Zelda - Twilight Princess, Warioware - Smooth Moves, Monkey Ball - Step & Roll (lol it was free) aaaand... Sonic Colours!! Hurrah! Finally!

We also picked up a couple of traditional games (board games). Ticket To Ride - Europe is really cool. It's all purdy and turn-of-the-century and it's basically about steamtrains o.o Duuuude. It's very simple to learn and it's just gorgeous to look at. We also got Urban Myth which is fun. You basically take it in turns to try to guess which 'facts' are true and which are just old wives' tales. I did not know that spinach is actually NOT any higher in iron than other green vegetables, for example! The rumour that it's high in iron stems from a statistics error. Sorry Popeye! Then there's Trivial Pursuit - Steal which is basically just a boardless version of the original, except you can also challenge and steal other players' wedges for extra trolling XD And finally we got Make-Your-Own-Opoly because we wanted to theme a Monopoly game of our own. Too bad it looks like a cheap-ass piece of suck before we even took it out of the box, so I dunno if we'll be making it. But yeah, games! Yes!

Progress is coming along nicely for our Steampunk webcomic 'Calamity!'. Hopefully we'll have some pages up soon! It's very exciting for us. It's our first venture outside of fandom, creating an entirely original (well, in as much as anything can ever really be original) piece of work. The ball-jointed dolls that Jei is making for her final major project, based on the two lead characters in the comic, are coming along very nicely too.

Sadly it seems that plans for our wedding this spring MAY not come to fruition due to the fact that Jei's family might not come over to the UK for her graduation after all. It's a money issue... and I don't want it to be problematic to anyone. It'd be sad if they can't come to her graduation and if we can't have our civil ceremony this spring, but we'll make something work somehow. It's not a definite, anyway, just something we're all trying to figure out.

I guess that's about it for now, anyway. Hang tight, hermanos! (: Ciao!


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