Jan. 6th, 2011

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Whew~! Flushed and sweaty (ick!) from 15 minutes on the treadmill, heart beating a little fast still, but I'm pleased that I'm not panting or dizzy or anything. Having gone from zero exercise pre-2011 and to recently to straight in on the treadmill this week, I feared that even 5 minutes would kill me. Good news, this isn't so. Two 15 minute sessions a day (using the rowing machine too) and i'm sure that pretty soon I can bump up the sessions to 20 minutes each and then a half hour. Then I'll be getting an hour of exercise per day as opposed to the half hour I'm managing now. Of course, once I'm back in Bournemouth next week, Jei and I are joining FitSpace ^^ I think I'll be pretty self-conscious hitting a gym at first, but once the weight starts coming off I'll get more confident. Can't wait to lose this tummy!

[Insterted edit: Eee~! I weighed myself after my shower today, and I've already lost 4 pounds in less than a week! Yay!]

I'm waiting for a couple of parcels to arrive... one is the package Jei's parents mailed to her about 5 days before Christmas in the adorably misguided belief that it would get to her by Christmas Day XD; No sign of that one, yet. The other is some ball-jointed doll bodies - our Sally doll needed a new body, and we decided to make an Alicia (anti-Sally) doll also, to go along with our Scourge and Miles dolls. We have so many BJDs now... let's make a list XD :


NICOLE (hologram)
Shadow (although he's for sale once he's fixed - he was more an experiment than anything else [fitting!])
(Alicia in progress)



At Swim, Two Boys



Adult Link
(Zelda, Epona and possibly Saria to come)



Haa~ I think that's all! Quite a collection...  So silly, but so much fun ♥ I love our BJDs.

Anyway, that parcel should be arriving tomorrow. It DID actually arrive yesterday, but the arsehole postie didn't ring the doorbell and just shoved a 'sorry you were out' note through the mail flap :P I chased him halfway down the street after I heard the clang of the metal flap go, but I couldn't catch up to him :\ So I had to book a redelivery. At least I can be sure it'll be here tomorrow, so I'll just wait downstairs for it ^^

Jei put the Alicia and Miles tarot pic up on DA and FA today and it got a bunch of fav's almost immediately o.o That was pretty cool. I didn't think many people liked/cared about the rest of the SS aside from Scourge, but a quick scan shows a lot of art, actually. There's a surprising amount of pic of Miles and Alicia together (and "together" o.o). Hah. Also, the LJ post with the pic in happens to be the first friends-locked post in my journal in what must be years. I don't get Miles' reasoning for wanting it locked, since he was fine with (and even encouraged) Jei sharing it on FA/DA, but it was his post so it's fine. I doubt he'll use my journal like that often (first time in forever really), but he was in a really nostalgic mood and really wanted to share it with someone, I guess. Jei said she'll colour it when I get home with her Prismacolor pencils (which I have here right now), which will make a nice change from the digital colour work she usually does (: I bet she'll be able to make the ambience of the candlelight look really awesome... I can't wait to see! But she's got so much other stuff to do, including MORE commissions, so I dunno when she'll have time @_@ It's great to have some extra money coming in now that several people are commissioning her, but I do feel bad that she has to do all of that on top of her Uni work n.n; Busy busy bee. I dunno how she does it, really...

Miles has stumped me with something else that I've now found he's interested in. He's into... fashion. Yeah. That's kind of a head-desk moment for me, since I've never had even a passing interest or care for anything to do with clothes XD; My wardrobe is basically: t-shirts, sweatpants, jeans, fleeces. Most of which (the tees and fleeces) have Sonic on 'em. I get up, throw on a t-shirt and trousers, and I'm done. I have no interest in my own 'style' (my idea of getting 'nice new clothes' when I'm slim basically consists of a) smaller tees and pants and b) being able to cosplay and look better), and even LESS interest in whatever the hell fashion 'designers' are putting out there. Miles, however, has very set ideas about what constitutes good taste and style (a rarity) and what's a complete mess (i.e. me). I think he really enjoys the snobbery of that type of circle, too. Scourge, of course, thinks Miles is queer as all heck for it, but Miles doesn't care. He got into a conversation with Jei/Sonic about a pair of boots earlier, which worried me because Jei held her own pretty damn well and now I fear they'll talk about shoes/clothes on a regular basis oh fuck. Of course, Miles is free to talk about/look at/think about whatever he wants when he's out. But he's threatening me with putting me through a fashion degree and becoming a designer or critic, because he knows how that would be the worst thing ever for me ;_; I was like 'lolno'. He also says he designed the Suppression Squad's uniforms, which Scourge corroborates. For someone who I feel has more of an immediately masculine presence than me, Miles sure can be a bit of a diva sometimes :\ NO MORE FASHION BLOGS.

I've taken to chewing gum, almost constantly, something I never did before. It's helping to curb the caffeine addiction that mister diva above inflicted on me over the past months. Regular coffee is a no-no in this part of my diet because it affects insulin levels and increases hunger. So it's decaff from now on, which means going from 5-6 cups of  strong black coffee a day (including several espressos) to zilch. I can still have tea at least, thank god, and I've been drinking lots of fruit/herb teas. My mum picked up some apple and pear infused green tea which is absolutely delicious, and I've been drinking that. I'm also keeping a large jug of water on my desk and refilling my glass often. I'm being good! *Halo*

So, I'll be heading back to B'Mouth soon. But before the weekend I'm going to see a Panto at the Village Hall with my mum (: Should be fun. "He's behiiind you!". It's been really nice being with her this winter break. She's been really good, actually, about the weight thing. Supportive but not her usual obsessing and snarking. There were a couple of times, but overall I was impressed that she didn't do her usual thing. It just gives me the extra motivation to want to lose the weight because I know I'm not just doing it to please her ^^

My brother wants me to help him with a project he has to do for his final major project at Uni. That's fine, except that he wants me to design, build and upload (including getting a domain name and hosting) a website incorporating a media player, graphics and text... to be perfect and bug free ready for his presentation on the 18th. That's in twelve frickin' days! x.x And getting the info I need from him is like trying to get blood from a stone. But I do want to help him... and my mum has said she'll treat it like a commission and pay me a little for it if I can do it. I did refuse the offer of payment at first, but she insisted, and I guess it's fair. It is a lot of work to do. I guess I'll just have to try my best. I'm certainly no expert web-designer, but I've certainly learned a LOT since my Sontails.com days and can do a heck of a lot better than that XD I'm still kinda sad about not seeing him in over a year since he couldn't make it home this Xmas, but maybe I'll see him at Easter, which would be good ^^

Sorry these posts are so long... I haven't been updating as frequently, and so when I do, I have so much that I want to write about x.o Guess I'll get going now though.
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I have an appointment with the optician tomorrow. I'm long overdue, and kinda nervous :\ I know my vision has gotten worse because my current glasses now aren't sharpening my vision completely (still kinda blurry). I'm ridiculously short-sighted, and I'm afraid it will only continue to get worse, which scares me. As it is, I know I really do need to be wearing spectacles all the time, even though I hate wearing 'em. Anything more than about 50cm from me is blurry, and I have eye-strain and headaches all the time. Recently I've started having other weird effects, too, kinda like migrainous symptoms except not culminating in an actual migraine. Blotches of colour, slight tunnel vision, sparkly lights, mild vertigo, dull headaches, lasting until I close my eyes for a bit. I imagine it's mostly, even completely, a result of eye-strain... but I'm gonna talk to the optician about it.

In other news, the dolls' bodies arrived today, and they're awesome. They'll make for a much better Sally than we have now, and a good strong Alicia. I'm very happy with them. However, I also got a letter from Parcelforce saying we owe customs £15.60 for the parcel from Jei's family. It already cost them near $100 to mail it, and now we're paying to receive it D: But it should at least be delivered tomorrow... hopefully before I have to leave for the above appointment.

I've always had trouble with my eyes. I've been shortsighted since childhood, and sensory issues (Irlen sydrome, stimulae-triggered classical migraine, SID) just fuck it up more by making certain colours jump all around and certain patterns move in weird ways, and of course my amusing issue of having to wear prescription-tinted dark glasses outside even in overcast winter weather because I can't see a THING in daylight because of the glare. The thought that it might be getting worse scares me... but stupidly, the thought that being on the computer too much is aggravating the problem and I might have to give up being on it so much scares me more. Computer addict I am not, pff.

Well, eye'll see you later, LJ (lol see wut I did thar?). Ciao~


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