Aug. 14th, 2011

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Last night was an interesting example of how Jei's family is incredibly different to mine yet also awesome XD;

We all had a couple of Jei's mum's end-of-week strong long drinks, which are always about 50% vodka before she even starts adding mixers and stuff. So we were all on the bright side of tipsy to begin with. It's been storming a lot in NJ and it was pouring with rain last night.

After the second drink, I went upstairs briefly to use the bathroom. When I came back down, I could see Jei and her mum just running around outside in the backyard, barefoot, in the rain and getting totally soaked. At first I was all 'lol wtf?' but then I just kinda shrugged, peeled my socks off, and ran outside to join them. We all just ran around for a bit, across the grass, around the pool, up across the deck... then someone (I forget who) mentioned how nice the pool looked, and so someone else suggested we just jump in.

I was all up for that, so we all just... jumped in the pool, fully clothed, in the pouring rain XD

It was one of the craziest and most impulsive things I've ever done but it was AWESOME! I was expecting the water to be really cold, but it was tepid and actually really lovely! So we just swam around in our clothes for a while and it was epic fun and really great... until Jei's dad, who was also a little tipsy I guess, decided to start shooting off fireworks from the doorway on the deck, right over our heads @_@

I am shit-terrified of fireworks, and seeing them suddenly shooting out over our heads from just a few meters away freaked me out and so I got out of the pool and came back inside ^^; But aside from that, it was so great!

Jei's family are just so random and spontaneous and I want to be more like that.


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