Jul. 14th, 2011

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Meh, post spamming, sorry... I'm probably going to be updating a lot for a while as I adjust to being here alone without Jei to occupy my time and attention. I am going to try to start getting some things in order, though. I might as well make a little "to do" list right here:

- Finish sorting out the mess in my room, and put more stuff aside for a future car boot sale to raise a bit of money.
- Throw some more of my stuff up on eBay, for the same reason.
- Look into doing a proof-reading/editorial course, as it's something a pedantic person like me would be good at and would be a useful skill/qualification in the future.
- Get started seriously on learning Spanish! Ridiculous that a half-Colombian person like myself doesn't speak more than a few words of the language x.x If I do move to Florida, it will be incredibly useful if I can speak it, especially if I go to visit my sister Maceci in Miami.
- Start getting some healthy recipes together to cook for my mum while she's unable/not wanting to cook. Immune-boosting stuff particularly.

As far as my plans in America go, obviously they've had to be reshaped in the light of this whole cancer thing. My mum is insistent that I still go on the cruise with Jei, as her family paid around $2,000 dollars for me to come and it was her graduation gift in lieu of her parents being unable to come to her graduation. The cruise will probably be around the time of her surgery, which I want to be here for, but my mum says she can have my brother be here for that, and/or one of her friends, and it might be in London anyway, so she'd be staying with a friend and I couldn't come. The surgery is only overnight surgery, although it will take up to 12 days to recover from at home, but she's far more worried about the chemo and radio. I dunno how the timing is going to work out and it's all frazzling me a bit but I guess we'll see how it goes. Finding out the exact surgery dates will be a start.

Heh. Miles got a friend request on his journal and didn't seem to have a clue what to do about it, so he just stared at it for about 10 minutes and then left XD; It's a friend request, Miles. Someone wants to be your friend. Amazing, isn't it? :P Anyway, I do think that it would be good for him to have some friends (if he'll accept them x.x), especially right now. I've been very occupied and he's not had a lot of time/chances to do what he wants to do. Not to mention sharing my brain right now, with me falling apart all over the place, can't be fun for him. Can't force anyone to try to friend him, and can't force him to accept any invites, but (and I risk severe reprimand here), I think he would actually LIKE some people to talk to because I get the feeling that he's kinda frustrated and lonely. Oh, I went there. >_> *Ducks*

Oh, yeah, since I'm talking about Miles, that reminds me... he finally got all his stuff organised, so he's got his own shelf/cubby-hole thing and it looks... pretty cool, I suppose. He's amassed quite a lot of possessions in a relatively short time O.o Including several absinthe bottles, several quill pens, a wooden pipe, a metal hip-flask and a Scottish dagger/sword, to name just a few. His tastes are not cheap D: Why does he get all that stuff and I still don't have Pokémon Black/White yet? HMM?

In other news... eh... I don't think there's other news right now. I still have 2/3 of a bottle of Glen's the Exciting Vodka left, plus Miles has a full hip-flask full of Smirnoff vodka, which I'm not allowed to touch but I'm sure will be consumed as soon as the Glen's is gone. The night before last I just drank and listened to music until 5am. Tonight I'll try not to be up quite so late.

Next week my mum has an appointment at the hospital in London for a second opinion, to see if they can do the less invasive sentinel node procedure rather than full removal. My brother's graduation is the day before that, so she's gonna stay overnight and I'm going to stay here and order Indian food and play Second Life. Actually quite nervous about being here alone, buuuut whatever.

I forgot to mention the saddest thing about the appointment we went to on Monday. It was on her birthday! But my brother and his girlfriend and Jei and I did everything we could to make the rest of the day better, and she seemed happy about that. I got her a Terry Pratchett book and left her a note before work, then my brother made spag-bol for dinner and it was really nice all being there together.

Oh vey. Life, eh?


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