May. 12th, 2011

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I do not care for the new NavStrip bar, no siree I do not ): Not particularly big on the userheads-as-favicon change either, but eh. I guess neither is an actual problem (as long as the journal/communities filter is reinstated), but aesthetically it's just bleh.

Anyway, I know that when I start babbling on about Scrog and Miles, it tends to make my journal entries pretty inaccessible to most people, so I am sorry for that. It tends to come in waves, so I reckon I'll be posting about hopefully more interesting stuff soon, especially with Jei's graduation, Summer of Sonic, and my trip to America for the cruise and maybe meeting my half-brother and half-sister coming up. So please just bear with me ^^;

I've been talking over PMs with an LJ friend who identifies as Sally and whose memories/feelings about that life have some coincidental similarities to my own. It's interesting comparing and contrasting things that way, and it seems our two 'verses aren't necessarily all that different. Regardless of whether she's 'my' Sally or not, it's oddly comforting to speak to a Sally who reminds me a lot of the one I remember knowing. But it also makes me really sort of wish that the Alicia from Scrog and Miles' Moebius was here. Miles keeps to himself and hasn't gone out of his way to make friends/acquaintances here, but I know that he misses Alicia. After Scrog went from just being an asshole trouble-making gang leader to being a super-powered batshit insane asshole intent on destroying everything, I imagine that Alicia was the closest thing Miles had to a friend and confidante while they took cover and schemed to overthrow him. Maybe I shouldn't care, but I'd like for him to have her around, even though it's good that he and Scrog seem to be slowly making amends. I think their little gang actually had some pretty good times before things got shaken up so badly, although I have a hard time believing that any of them weren't total assholes even back then.

I realised that somewhere along the way I stopped thinking of Scrog and Miles as our alter-egos or as soul-bonds or headmates, and started seeing them as... well, friends. Even Miles. I don't think the feeling is in any way mutual, but I'd count him among my friends. I think at best he tolerates me, and at worst still despises me on occasion, but that's the best I can hope for. Scrog and I get along pretty well these days, although when I first met him, one of the first things he did was punch me in the stomach on the way to the Summer of Sonic after-party, after I complained of a stomach ache because of having eaten too much. His, uh, method of showing companionship took a little getting used to. But I like him. He's a bastard, but at least he's not a super-powered batshit insane asshole intent on destroying everything now that he's no longer fuelled by chaos energy XD; So yeah. Respect.

I think Scrog and Miles would enjoy Camden Town. We'll have to go there someday. And since Miles is intent on branding my flesh, maybe I/we could get another tattoo while I'm up there. Or a piercing. I'm still undecided about whether I could go through with something like a lip piercing. The twin-tail tattoo I have on my lower back was fine; painful but tolerable and over within a couple of hours. But piercings have to be moved/turned daily for weeks or even months to prevent closure, and there's always the risk of infection. Still, eh. Maybe.


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