May. 11th, 2011

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I got a package from Jei today with a book, the Wii balance board, a letter and a cheque for our water bill rebate of £104, which added to the £61 from our other supplier, makes for a nice tidy sum to pay into my suffering bank account. I also signed up at the Job Centre again, since I'm going to be in Weston until August, so I may as well look for some work. The lady at the Job Centre was really nice and gave me faith in people again after some less pleasant experiences at the Job Centre elsewhere. Lastly, I picked up forms for volunteering some hours at the charity shops in town. One is the PSDA, a veterinary charity, and the other is a shop for Weston Hospice. It'll give me something to do and pad my CV out a bit, plus the ladies who work there are lovely. I'll also get first glimpse at all the donated CDs. I get so much of my music these days from boot sales and charity shops...

I was chatting to Jei earlier today when out of nowhere she says, "Oh, by the way, Ce and Kath know about Scourge and Miles." Ce and Kath are our friends who go to Uni with Jei. My initial reaction was kind of similar to my "?!" userpic, because you know... you do wonder how people will accept that kind of thing. I asked if that meant they also knew about the fic'kin stuff Jei and I believe in, and she said yeah. They apparently found this journal and read a good deal of it. They've known for a while apparently but I guess they were worried that we didn't want them to know. Which isn't the case, but it just isn't the kind of thing you casually bring up in conversation XD Anyway, they're absolutely cool with it. They would like to meet Scourge and Miles, which I dunno... maybe not a great idea n.n;; But I think it's so cool that they just accepted it all without even blinking. Friends like that are amazing. So, uh, if they do check back here any time... HI CE AND KATH, YOU ARE WONDERFUL AND I LOVE YOU ♥ It's just kind of a nice feeling to know that there are people we know off-line who we can talk to about this kind of stuff.

Miles got hit on by some random girl online today. It's the first time something like that has happened, and I was expecting him to just be kind of peeved, see her as a nuisance, and tell her to go away. I wasn't expecting him to get totally flustered and sit there staring at the message, eye-twitching, seeming like he had no idea how to react to it n.n; Then he finally got his composure back, deleted the message and pretended like it had never happened. I was so amused that I had to ask Scourge if that's how Miles always reacts to that kind of attention, and Scourge lol'd and said yeah. Apparently Miles has the acting suave and sophisticated thing down pat 99% of the time, but he has no idea how to deal with being hit on and tends to just short-circuit on the rare occasion that it happens XD; So Scourge and I were basically ribbing him mercilessly for most of the evening, and I don't feel bad because Miles is a butt and would humiliate me just the same in a heartbeat :P

Oh, and Scourge's new name is Scrog, because it seems that no one can ever spell his name right on the internet. And Scrog was the most amusing typo XD So basically we all call him Scrog (and various bastardisations of Scrog) now.

Heh, reading back over this post it makes me realise where we've reached with those two. We went through the initial "oh god what is this, demonic possession?!" stage, then the "fighting for control, still not sure who these guys are and we're all kind of stressed" stage, then the "uneasy beginnings of co-existence, these guys are definitely their own people" stage, and then finally the "they may believe themselves to be Scourge and Miles from the Archie comics the same way that we believe we were once Sonic and Tails, but they're just regular people like us and we can all sorta get along and it's not a big deal" stage. It's kinda just like having a couple of extra roommates with different styles and personalities to us, and sometimes we get along and sometimes we can't stand each other, but in the end we have fun. Mostly.

Basically, tl;dr, when I talk/write about Scourge and Miles nowadays, it feels less like I'm chronicling a strange voice/presence in my head that's using my body, and more like I'm just writing about a friend/housemate's silly antics going on around me.

As an aside, and a result of this, I want to find a good way of referring to them without calling them 'soulbonds' or 'headmates'. Those terms stress the fact that they're tied to us or inside our heads, and I'd like to refer to them in a way that doesn't draw attention to that rather unimportant element. I guess really I should just use their names.

I'm listening to Slipknot right now. This entire album has felt like I'm strapped to a chair and a large rabid dog is up in my face, straining at the end of a taut chain, snarling, frothing, and trying to bite my face off. Don't know if want. o.o


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