Apr. 29th, 2011

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There is NO escape from "The Wedding" if you live in a tiny rural heavily Conservative village in the South West of England ;_;

There WILL be a fete in the Coronation Hall all day which you will have to ignore lest you be dragged along to watch old ladies selling cupcakes and mugs and dishclothes with "Will and Kate"s faces on them amid a plethora of British flags and horrible music.

There WILL be no way to buy anything of value (such as food) as the only shop in the whole village (a post-office/farm store) will be treating it like a Sabbatical and has gone into lockdown from Thursday until Tuesday.

There WILL be an ALL DAY street party in the nearest actual town, blocking off all streets and bus routes into said town.

There WILL be no such thing as local radio outside of minute by minute coverage of the 'big day'.

Then when you try to tune into a music station, it WILL only be playing songs related in some way to the wedding, tied into commentary about watching the event on the big screen at Alton Towers.

Your overworked mother who was looking forward to this supposed 'day off' WILL be dragged into work for a 'celebratory wedding party' that she has to help staff and clean up after.

You WILL sit at home all day with your head in a book and avoid all attempts at human contact or media because you do not give a crap.

(Apologies to anyone who does care about the wedding. I have no problem with that. Only a problem with the extremes that my town has taken it and the fact that I can't escape it without becoming an absolute hermit </3 Hopefully now that it's done the buzz will finally die down?)


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