Mar. 23rd, 2011

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Gyah! I live, I live! Although I don't have a computer right now... The power pack for it died about a week ago, so I'm using my phone to update.

Not that I've had much to say. Miles has been fronting for the past two weeks solid. I didn't even know it was possible for him to be around that long without a break, but the fact is that he's had 'control' since February 8th, and I only just got back today.

But I'm not fussed. I needed the break and I feel better now. I don't feel threatened by what happened because I kinda... let it. I couldn't deal with the intensity of my winter illness and Miles had something to prove, I guess. More power to him. If he's a coping mechanism, he's a damn good one.

But more so, he's just a person with different strengths and weaknesses from me. I respect him a lot more now. Lol, but I figured it might be a good time to swap back in now, 'cause he's been wasting my phone bandwidth by obsessively refreshing sites with info about the Scourge-based arc that's coming up next in Sonic Universe @_@; Aieee. Scourge arc. Yippee! I'm happy anyway, even if certain other people are irritable and paranoid :P

ANYWAY. In other news, Jei's family aren't going to be able to come over to the UK for her graduation ;_; Which also means our wedding has to be postponed, since they wouldn't be able to be here for it... But my mum and I will be there for her graduation, and I think there's an online live-stream for it, so they'll still get to watch.

Also, her 'rents are amazing. As a graduation gift, they're taking us (Jei and I) on a 9 night cruise to the Caribbean in August O.O Bermuda, Puerto Rico, St Tomas and St Maarten! On the Voyager class vessel Explorer of the Seas. It's the most amazing cruise liner I have EVER seen! It has an entire indoor highstreet, an ice rink, rollerblading circuit, library, nightclub, outdoor and indoor pools, a dozen restaurants... Even a rock-climbing wall! And most amazing of all, Jei's family are paying for it all, including my ticket! I'm so excited I can hardly breathe XD It's something amazing to look forward to after this stark winter.

So, um, yes. Now I'm going to go back to playing Paper Mario <3 It's good to be back.

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