Feb. 16th, 2011

flyboy_fox: (Yeeeah not good.)
Lol, my brain is such a troll. I was in an amazingly good mood when I wrote that post yesterday, just feeling well and good and happy... Of course, I probably should have cottoned on to the fact that I was feeling a bit too well, rather uncannily healthy and abnormally cheerful all of a sudden. Nyeh. Of course, almost immediately after posting that entry, I had a massive classical migraine which sent me to bed for the entire rest of the day and a night with the lightning streaks and shimmers eating up my vision and the numbness and pins and needles engulfing one side of my body and naturally followed by the relentless stabbing pain in one eye ugh. No fair, y'know? :P

Not gonna let it shake up my optimism, but I can't help feeling now that I have to be wary of any good mood or happiness at this time of year. If I feel good, then chances are it's just my head trolling me by letting me feel awesome for a couple hours before hitting me with the pain hammer. Fuck you, brain. Oy.


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