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Have been back from cruise for a few days. The ship spent most of the journey trying to stay one step ahead of Hurricane Irene, so the seas were kinda choppy and the weather was pretty bad. Still it was good and I'll post about it sometime.

Power's been out here in NJ ever since we got back, due to Irene. It's been 3 days without power and hot water so far. Cellar was flooded with 8 inches of water. Finally yesterday we got a gas power generator so we could drain the cellar with the sump pump, so we were finally able to reignite the pilot light for hot water today and use the generator to get the fridge/freezer back running etc (we'd been using an ice box and bags of ice from the store previously). At night, the house glows with candles and gas lanterns. In absence of my computer I've read 2 great books in 2 days, so it's not all bad. The generator is a noisy beast however. At least I can charge my iPhone in Jei's car and update this way :P

Finally, but most crucially, an update on my mum. She had her mastectomy last week. She's been home a little while but had to go back into hospital today because of hemorraging and infection which has her in a lot of pain, worry and discomfort. My only means of contact with her is via text message as we've not had power here and now she's at the hospital for potentially a few days. I'm worried sick about her. I'll update more as soon as I know more.

I really hope we get power back soon. Scaredy-cat fox hates the dark dark nights and also really needs to do some laundry ^^;

I hope everyone is well and not too displaced by Irene if it hit your area. Hugs to all. Laters.

edit: OMG amazing news!!! My mum just texted from the hospital after having her infection drained and antibiotics... They also gave her pathology report from the surgery regarding chemotherapy: she doesn't have to have it!! she said she'll explain later but she won't need chemotherapy just hormone therapy! She was SO happy and so am I! It's horrible that she had to have two major ops, lose her breast, get this infection and suffer all this fear and stress but finally GOOD news!! Omg. Eee!

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