Jan. 17th, 2011

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I had a ton of stuff to say in my next LJ post, which was going to be long because I haven't been on my computer hardly in the past 3 days because Miles has been fronting almost solidly like a bee-yatch and he doesn't go online, but um... CHANGE OF PLAN. 'Cause, yeah. Jei's at her computer working on her Archie Sonic comic competition entry pic (which is looking awesome so far I might add!) when she suddenly turns to me and says:

"Why don't we get married this summer when my family are here in England for my graduation?"

I... er... er... YES. Yes. Hell yes!

We've been together for around 10 years, living together for 3, and engaged for just over one year, but we'd kinda expected to put off getting married until we're settled in one country or the other. But it suddenly occurred to Jei that all of her family are going to be over here in July for her graduation (her mum, dad, sister, sister's boyfriend, grandpa...), so it would be the perfect time (: It'll likely be a small registry office thing with a nice little reception party afterwards, no huge affair, but eeeeee~ so excited! And nervous! And... and... yeah!

My heart is basically doing this right now (I love this track):

[/cheesy] [/heart attack]

So yeah, gonna start planning right away ^^ I'm all flustered XD And nervous! And HAPPY.


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